never let your printer know that you waited until the last minute to print something and you’re in a hurry. they can sense fear

I don’t think shifting the way you act when around different people necessarily makes you a contradictory person, nor does it mean one of your selves are fake somehow

IMO you don’t have to exemplify all aspects of yourself all the time, and it’s normal to emphasise or downplay certain parts depending on circumstance

And I think it’s normal to embody contradictory traits + patternless traits too because sometimes you’re on the fence between acting in different ways, and the way you lean will depend on context

Basically I think who you are embodies all the different ways you act, cause some part of you is behind the instinct that determines what is important for each shift scenario [even if the scenario is between days and not between different locations/contexts —maybe your brain enjoys visiting the same context from multiple different perspectives]

Sometimes I forget

Oh my god I was halfway through typing this when I got distracted, now I don’t remember what I forget sometimes

I had a good sleep by draining the quality sleep from everyone I know, sorry / thanks

Facebook messenger has a Like feature and it’s very versatile


you know rocks are free …right? you can go outside and take rocks for free, as many as you can handle. the people know about this right??? free rocks outside just laying there??? ok just making sure….




2015 GenCon on sale, HYPE

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wonder if they’ll make sleeves for those long cards instead of using two normal ones.